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Monday, Monday

Hello all!

I’m reporting live from my cube  on a bright, sunny, Monday morning in New York City.

Ahh Monday…  it has to be the least favorite day of the week followed closely by Sunday, but only because we know what day comes next.  In fact, “Hate Mondays” is a trending topic right now on Twitter.

What is it about Mondays that makes people so melancholy?  I think it has a lot to do with being unsatisfied with the way you are spending your day(i.e.: doing unfulfilling work). If your work is not exciting, waking up early on a Monday morning is not going to be fun.  You drag yourself out of bed, then head off to your place of employment and make everyone else miserable by reminding people that it is indeed, yet another Monday morning. Boo.

No worries! I’m on a mission to reclaim Monday as a fun day. Life is short.  We have to make the most of each day, even the ones we dread.  So how do I infuse my Monday morns with glee?

I plan out an activity I look forward to: This week I plan on having some drinks with friends on the roof of a museum,  returning to my belly dancing class after a 3-week hiatus, and buying some household items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond( damn, I love household products).  I’m not going to do all of these activities today, but knowing that my week is chocked full of fun, makes me smile on Mondays. It can only get better from here!

I go out after work: There is nothing more depressing than leaving work and going straight home. Especially on a Monday.  Even if I just go to Barnes and Noble to read, I never like to head straight home. Going out and doing something I really enjoy helps me feel like my time is my own.

Redirect my thinking: Why not use this Monday to think about where you would like to be four Mondays from now?  Declare it: “Mover and Shaker Mondays.” Take some time to research projects you would like to work on that will help you get to the next level.

Talk to a friend that makes me laugh: I love to start out my week with a case of the giggles.  I usually talk to my BFF in the a.m. before I head to work, and I talk with various friends on GChat.  They all keep me smiling all day long.

Do you have any special ways of curing your Monday blahs? I’d love to hear about it!

And because I love to share, a song devoted to Monday:



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