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What do you LOVE and HATE about your life?

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am traveling through my home state of Tennessee. Right now I’m writing from Clarksville, TN and in a few hours I will be on my way to Nashville to hang out with my friends from college.

Before I get back on the road, I wanted to drop a post that will hopefully have you pondering all weekend long.  I told you all that I am participating in the “31 Day Reset Your Life” challenge over on the Happy Black Woman blog.  The premise is to examine your life in some kind of way every day.  From life maps, to envisioning an my idea of the perfect day, we have done a lot of introspection.

Now, I want to share one of those exercises with you. On day two, we were asked to create a list of things we LOVE and HATE (strongly dislike, if you prefer) about specific areas of our life.  Let me tell you, it was an eye-opening exercise! The seven areas we examined were:

Lifestyle: (where you live, how you live)
Work (you job at the moment, career, ect.)
Relationships  (friends, significant others)

Your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. For example, here is what I had to say about two areas of my life: my health and my relationships.

-Loves: That I am healthy. That all of my faculties work. That I enjoy exercising and I am aware of the impact the food choices I make will have on my body.
Hates: That I fell off my exercise routine in May and never got back on it. That I did not complete my goal of doing a half marathon this year. That the gym is so expensive. That I base a lot of my food choices on how I feel emotionally.

Loves: That I have several friends I can trust and count on. That my friends are people who always make me laugh.
Hates: That I am only a semi-part of my most important friends lives because I live so far away. That I don’t have more friends who are into the concept of lifestyle design to keep me encouraged on this journey. That I don’t open myself up to the possibility of dating more. That it is so hard to make friends you can count on in New York.

You get the idea. What are you waiting for? Grab a sheet of paper, and get to thinking about the things you love and hate about your life. Keep the list in a safe place, because on Monday I will reveal what the next step is in the process.

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Taking the “Project” on the road!

Happy Friday!

Heads up: this is a short post. Work has been coming at me from every direction for the past week, and it’s left me for little time to nurture my vision. That is a situation I plan to remedy, ASAP.

I’m about to take The FLP on the road! This weekend I’m kicking off the holiday season early by heading home to my native to Tennessee to get a little R&R and spend time with all of my loved ones. I’ve written before about how these trips home to serve to renew my spirit.

Part of the fun I am undertaking this month is the “31 Days to Reset Your Life” on the beautiful blog, I’m #100 on an awesome list of fabulous women who are taking on the challenge of resetting their lives in 31 days. This blog is worth checking out even if you aren’t a happy black woman!

I’m looking forward to taking some time to re-up and work on plotting my next steps. Of course during all of this, I will continue you to provide you with content that encourages you to ponder and pursue life outside the box :)

Tasty cookies and cakes aren’t the only thing that’s poppin’ this month. Tell me, what are you doing this December to move your vision forward?

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Live from Lima


I am  coming at you live from a backpackers hostel in Lima, Peru. It´s the end of Day 3.  So far I have danced until 4 a.m., sampled some Pisco (Peru´s national drink), and I had to jump in the back of a moving taxi cab.

Also, I just accidentally ate some ice, so next time I write I might be giving tips for how to get past a case of travelers diarrhea.  Despite this last tid bit, I am enjoying my time in Lima so much.

For me this trip hasn´t really been about all the things I can see and do. The time I have got to spend with two of my favorite friends is what is making this time so special for me. I have laughed more in the last two days than I have in the last month.

It´s hard for me to keep tabs on my friends the way I would like to when I am busy doing life things in the Big Apple.  I never feel as if I have enough time to call people and have the type of conversation with them I really want to have.  It sucks.  I still haven´t figured out how I can change this.

Any suggestions?


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