When is enough, enough?

I have a confession to make: a lot of times I feel like I am just standing back and letting life happen to me. I don’t feel as if I am being proactive about making choices that directly impact my future.

In the last three years I have spent a lot of time turning inward to ask myself what should be the next things on my agenda. For the most part these thoughts apply to my career, but sometimes I open my train of thought up to other areas of my life (relationships, primarily).

I’m bringing all of this up because in the past couple of days I have had conversations with people who have had brushes with soul-crushing jobs. Perhaps you don’t know what a soul-crushing job is (lucky you!), or you know all too well. Either way, it is a phenomenon that sometimes happens to the best of us.

So, a lot of our peers (Gen Y’ers) are unemployed, and underemployed right now. It sucks. I know there are a lot of peeps out there hustling to make ends meet. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and you have to pay your dues and all that jazz. I get that. But my question to you all, and the universe at large, is at what point is enough, enough? When does a “dues paying” position become a soul crusher? At what point do you move on to really kick-start your career?  At one point do you feel like you are settling or becoming complacent?

Part of my mission with this blog (or my little writing space on the web as I prefer to call it) is encouraging others to think and discuss some of the questions I know we all have circling around in our heads.

So, what do you think?

  1. #1 by BeautyXchange on October 25, 2010 - 3:42 pm

    I so feel you on this. I wish I had some words of encouragement but I don’t because I feel that way too. Ugh and it’s so frustrating because for me I feel like the answer I’m looking for is no where to be found. Or I read countless self help books, articles such as the one you mentioned, etc with the hopes of finding my purpose in life but to no avail. All I can say is that you are not alone.

  2. #2 by Ashley Chambers on February 9, 2011 - 7:45 am

    I completely relate to this post. For one, I am starting my career as a journalist, in which it is hard to find a good-paying job with the current state of our economy. Two, I have to manage other sources of income to make sure I still bring some ‘bread and butter’ home. I think as young aspiring professionals, it is hard to find that motivation and to channel what it is we really want to do in life. For me, writing is my passion and I encourage others to find and pursue their own passion as well. The trick is that as we pursue our ‘dream’ careers, we may have to juggle some other gigs just to maintain a living. But the way I see it is, you struggle at the start of your career but after you put in the work, it pays off in the long run. So yes, sometimes we do have to work at a job that does not fall in line with our passion in life. The key is to not let that job control your life but use it as a stepping stone (to pay bills, save, etc.) in order for you to pursue the career you desire to have. I held the same job through high school, college, and now am pursuing my passion as a writer. I know every situation is not so ideal but staying at a ‘dues-paying’ job while you’re making steps towards your ‘dream’ career can be to your advantage, I think.

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