I did it!!


The search/wait/ my funk is over. I got an offer to share a new apartment on Friday!

The price for my new place is a little more than I ever wanted to spend, but it is worth it. It is a place where I can chill out at the end of the day. I can go into the kitchen and whip up a good meal with ease. I can invite my friends over to sip Arnold Palmers with me on my front porch (okay, more like a stoop, but I like the vision!).

The apartment is part of a cute 3 story house, just down the street from my old place.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before (maybe because I’m saving this info for when I write a book), but my former apartment is above a bar, directly in front of the train.

Yes, it’s loud.

After living there for almost a year and a half, I can tell by the sound which direction the train is running in. I’ve also heard my fair share of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, a drunken juke box pick, by some barfly, I’m sure.  I’ve talked a lot of smack about my former home in the last year, but  it’s part of my New York story.  I’ve faced one of my worst fears (mice), and threw several great parties, where no one cared how loud we/the music was ( the only good thing about living above a bar).

Now, I’m out. Goodbye Johnny Cash. Hello, Arnold Palmer.

As usual, because I like to share:

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