Strategic planning on the home front


I’m writing this while listening to Hall and Oats’ “I can’t go for that”. For some odd reason I love this song-and it always makes me feel a little giddy.  Hall and Oats aside, I just came back from visiting my home state (Tennessee) yesterday.  I try to go home about once every four months.  Besides catching up with my family and friends, and eating my way into oblivion (My BFF is like the Colonel, she does chicken right!), I like to go home because I find that this is the best place to think about my future.

I like to have strategy sessions with myself about my goals. I take notes on whatever comes to mind on a legal pad, then I run back through it and try to make sense of it all.  Engaging in one of my strategy sessions in my childhood bedroom is awesome for several reasons:

1. Sometimes you have to look back to move forward.

When I’m in my childhood bedroom, snuggled into my twin bed (don’t laugh!) I remember all of the dreams I had about my future when I was growing up. A child’s dreams are the purest of all. I remember the first career I ever wanted: to be a painter/artist. I’m not really good at drawing, but I still have a love of colors.  Thinking about all the things I loved as a child, helps me remember what is important to me in a career.

2. I remember who “Amber” is at the root of it all.

My environment has changed, but the values my parents taught me have not. When I go home and get some old school lessons (and an earful of Southern sayings) from the permanent people in my life, I remember who I am and what I stand for. I’ve found it’s always important to remember these things-especially when you live in the  city of selfishness- a la NYC.

3. My 12-year-old self would think I’m pretty cool

I read this article once that said when you feel down about your life, ask yourself: ” How would my 12-year-old self see me?”  At home I am totally intune with 12-year-old, Amber. And I think she would think I’m pretty cool. On the days when I feel like I’m not doing enough, I challenge myself to remember this. That 12-year old Amber would think 25-year old Amber rocks!

4. No anxiety

So, sometimes I get really anxious about my present, and my future. I hate that feeling, and it usually crops up when I am making strategic plans. But when I go home, I find I can tackle making an achievable plan.

Next time you get an opportunity to go home (wherever you consider the home of your heart to be) try thinking stategically about your future. It’s a safe space to let your mind wonder, and your dreams soar.

Hope this is helpful :)

And because I love to share:


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