Wallow time is over

Today is one of those days when I wish I had stayed in bed this morning. I wish I was still in my pajamas with the covers over my head.

I like to wax poetic about the powers of positive thinking quite often. I really believe that when you throw positive thoughts and feelings into the universe, they are more likely to come to fruition. But, like anyone else, I have some dark days. There are times when I feel totally out of control and powerless over what is happening in my life.

I hate that feeling.

Sometimes I feel totally lost and unfocused. I feel annoyed with our society because it pushes the status quo so much. Who gets to define what is normal, and what we should want?

Before I drive everyone to dark and twisty thoughts, my point here is that I take a moment to embrace my darkside, then I move on. No, I can’t be sunny all the time, but I can chose to continue to think positive.  I force myself to get back to thinking positive. Why? Because I truly believe that as long as you are alive, anything is possible.

I can wallow in my sadness, or I move forward and try my best to figure all my ish out.  I’ll leave you with this video. Whenever I feel down, this is what I use as a catalyst to kick my blues.

Don’t stop believing…

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